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Katu Kaiku

Katu Kaiku (engl. street echo) was established when these three musicians started to play together on streets of Helsinki in summer of 2013. Saxophinst Adele Sauros, bassist Mikael Saastamoinen and percussionist Erik Fräki are all some of their generations most interesting and accomplished voices from Finland.  Katu Kaiku’s music consists of haunting melodies, organic odd meters and superb touch of dynamics. Progressive structures meet lush and lilting, yet growing melodies. Harp-like arpeggios played on the electric bass groove and communicate with elaborate drums. Their latest album Luna was released through Svart Records on 29.3.2019 and the band is currently touring the largest cities of Scandinavia for nearly twenty gigs in April-May-June. In the summer of 2019 Katu Kaiku will perform at the well recognised Finnish festival Flow among some few other event like We Jazz’s organised Lonna Island concert series. Musical roots of these young well-established jazz artists grow from jazz, rock and free improvisation. Katu Kaiku’s debut album ‘Tokyo/Kuopio’ came out in 2016 and received excited feedback from audience and critics. Since the first release the trio has toured in Spain, Norway, Netherlands and in Finland in several occasions and performed together with Finnish jazz greats Verneri Pohjola, Teemu Viinikainen and Seppo Kantonen.

Katu Kaiku is
Adele Sauros – tenor saxophone, flute and vocals
Mikael Saastamoinen – electric bass, effects
Erik Fräki – drums, percussion

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JAF Trio

JAF Trio is a Danish-Finnish group, founded in March 2017. In December the same year, they got the We Jazz Rising Star Award.

JAF-Trio’s album will be released in the spring 2020. Members of the group are young well-established Jazz musicians from Finland and Denmark.

JAF Trio’s music is composed by each member of the group. Their music is very melodic and interactive with various time signatures and different atmospheres. Frederiks’ precise and dancing drumming and Joonas’ steady and warm basswork gives a great base for Adele’s saxophone to improvise beautiful, as well as abstract melodies with detailed dynamic structure.

JAF Trio has performed mainly in Helsinki, Finland in We Jazz X Lonna Festival, Art Goes Kapakka Festival, We Jazz Festival, Juttutupa Rytmihäiriö Club and Tenho Restobar.

The trio is aiming for an international career with their debut album. Their record release tour in 2020 will include the biggest cities in Finland and Denmark.

Adele Sauros (FIN), tenor- and soprano saxophone

Joonas Tuuri (FIN), double bass

Frederik Emil Bülow (DEN), drums

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Adele Sauros Quartet

Adele Sauros launched her Solo EP entitled “Adele Sauros – My Spontaneous Mind” in which she presents eight of her beautiful Jazz compositions. It was released on 6th of November 2016. This EP brings a velvet musical aesthetic that encapsulates great emotions fluctuating between joy, discovery and redemption. Therefore, when you listen to Adele, there is no doubt, emotions are there and it will be felt and then…there is art and music, and simply there is Adele’s music.
Adele Sauros Quartet won a prize called “Young Nordic Jazz Comets” in 2014, and she was awarded as best soloist. They launched their EP with entitled “It’s Who I Am” in 2014. It represents six of Adeles compositions.

Adele Sauros Quartet 2017-18:

Adele Sauros, tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone
Seppo Kantonen, piano
Tuomas Timonen, drums
Vesa Ojaniemi, double bass (Kaisa Mäensivu, summer 2017)

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Adele Sauros London Quartet:

Adele Sauros London Quartet was formed in 2019. They play originals by Sauros and they have performed in renowned jazz clubs in London during 2019. The members are well established jazz musicians in London and New York. They are aiming to record their debut album in 2021.

Adele Sauros, tenor saxophone

Will Barry, piano

Joe Downard, double bass

Jeff Williams, drums



Superposition is led by renowned drummer Olavi Louhivuori and they play mainly originals by Louhivuori. Their debut album was published by Finnish label We Jazz Records on March 2020.

Adele Sauros, tenor saxophone

Linda Fredrikson, alto- and baritone saxophones

Mikael Saastamoinen, double bass

Olavi Louhivuori, drums


Sidewoman in several groups:

Leevis Pack

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