Adele Sauros


Adele Sauros is an active and versatile musician within the Finnish jazz scene. Since childhood Adele has been involved with music, combining her distinct abilities as both saxophonist and composer.  Sauros’ music captures her Nordic heritage and convey this rich storytelling tradition with a musical voyage full of emotions. Adele frequently performs with Adele Sauros Quartet, Katu Kaiku, JAF Trio and Olavi Louhivuori Superposition. Sauros has performed throughout Europe in many renowned jazz festivals. Since 2019 she has been working within the London jazz scene, writing and performing new music. Sauros has also been a featured guest of numerous groups during 2018 such as Aurora Hentunen Quartet and Laura Annika Quartet. She has also enriched Helsinki’s jazz culture by hosting her own jazz club 2014-2016 at Bar KapSäkkki (formerly Allotria). The Finnish Saxophone Society awarded Sauros with the Åke Forsell prize in 2017. Sauros’ Finnish-Danish JAF Trio received the WeJazz Rising Star prize in 2017. Other achievements include the Young Nordic Jazz Comets 2015 prize for the group Katu Kaiku and the Young Nordic Jazz Comets Solo Award for the year 2014. Her recordings include: Katu Kaiku: Luna 2019, Adele Sauros: My Spontaneous Mind 2016, Katu Kaiku: Tokyo / Kuopio 2016 and Adele Sauros Quartet: It’s Who I Am 2014. Recently she has also played on the following published albums: Aurora Hentunen Quartet; Second Spring 2018, Laura Annika Quartet; Metsä, 2017 and All About Eve, European rhythms Europas Rhythmus, 2018. Unpublished albums are coming from the bands Superposition! and JAF Trio in 2020.